It's a tank that collects ALL of the water that is used in your house. None of the water is filtered or removed in between services. For that reason, holding tanks need to be serviced often. An average family of 4 can go approximately 25-35 days on a 5,000 gallon tank.

Usually a holding tank system is equipped with an alarm. Once that alarm goes off the customer must call immediately to schedule service. Holding tank customer generally have a day or two worth of room before the system will overflow.



Septic systems are a series of 1 to 3 tanks that are designed to separate and purify waste from water. The water left then gets cycled through a filter bed or mound system/ at grade system for final disposal. It pays to take care of your septic tank and components to prolong the filtration part of these septic systems and prevent sewage back ups.

Your septic system is a highly efficient biological system that can effectively digest and disperse your household sewage. Properly designed, installed, and maintained, it should give you many years of trouble-free service. Poorly maintained systems lead to costly repairs. Maintenance is the cheapest insurance!

Tips to Keep Your System Running Properly
  • Pump your tank(s) every two to three years, sometime more often depending on how many people are using the system, the capacity of the tank, and the age of the drain field.
  • Know the location of your septic tanks and pump station if you have one.
  • If your tank has a filter, it should be cleaned every time you pump the tank at a bare minimum. Filter cleaning is included in your service.
  • Minimize or eliminate the use of a sink garbage disposal
  • Conserve water and use water-reducing appliances and fixtures if possible
  • Repair leaking fixtures.
  • Keep deep-rooted trees and shrubs from growing on your drain field and around the septic tank are.
  • Do not flush or put down the drains bulky waste, grease, colored toilet paper, disposable diapers or wipes, feminine products, and toxic materials.
  • Do not allow vehicles, livestock, and/or stacks of wood on your drain field as the weight con compact the soils and/or break the pipes or chambers.
  • Do not burn brush or anything else over your drain filed.

Any soggy areas around the drain field or odors indicate a problem, so call our professional service right away. A failed septic system is unhealthy, illegal and expensive to fix. Following the tips above will help ensure a long life for your system.

Grease traps are the part of the sanitary sewer system that prevent heavy grease from entering and clogging the municipal collection system. The tanks are typically located in the floor near the wash sink or outside in the ground. These tanks require regular maintenance to function properly in order to prevent back-ups and fines.
Our professional technicians are trained to service and clean any size or type of grease trap located inside or outside of your facility.  They will locate your tank and perform the necessary service to ensure the integrity of the system.  The process begins with the complete removal of all grease, sediment and grease-laden water.  We check all components of your grease trap at every service to ensure proper operation.
In addition, we offer an auto schedule option so you no longer have to think about calling to schedule service. While you're focusing on running your business, we'll pay regular visits to ensure your grease problems under control.
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