• Service provided in Washington and Ozaukee counties
  • Pump out and proper disposal per Wisconsin State Statute
  • County form complication and electronic filing
  • Truck capacity 5,500 gallons
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  • Service provided in Washington, Ozaukee and other counties upon request
  • Pump out and proper disposal per Wisconsin State Statute
  • Truck capacity 5,500 gallons
  • Maintenance Inspection - all of the components of your system will be checked. We will notify you of any repairs or issues that should be addressed.
  • Our technician will pump and service the tank(s) and check all of the components in the tank and their condition.
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  • Service provided in the Southeastern Wisconsin area
  • Pump out and proper disposal per Wisconsin State Statute
  • Inside grease trap service 1 - 250 gallon capacity
  • Outside grease trap service up to 20,000 gallon capacity
  • Regular scheduling of service and maintenance available
  • Pressure washing of walls upon request
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Baffle Replacement
A septic tank contains two baffles which are responsible for directing the flow of liquids and solids to ensure the system functions properly. A damage or missing baffle in a septic tank cause the system to operate poorly, allowing large amounts of solids to enter the drain field causing blockage and leading to early system failure.

During regular service, your Quality Removal Technicians will check the baffles. Should you require a baffle repair, our fully trained technicians can service and ensure the proper functionality and life of your septic system.

Riser/Cover Replacement
Over time, the risers and covers of your tanks can become damaged and eroded from everyday weather conditions. As part of your cleaning service, our technicians will check the condition of these key parts. Damaged risers and covers are a danger to all who may come in contact with the area. If replacement is needed, they will inform you immediately!

Trouble Shooting
Having trouble with your system? Call us and we can troubleshoot the problem over the phone or come out to perform an inspection

Electric Sewer Line Cleaning
An Electric Sewer Line Cleaning Machine is used to unplug blocked lines.

Water Jetting Service
A powerful Water Jetting Machine is used for unplugging tightly clogged lines in filter bed and mound systems.
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